Baby Socks Passes Away, August 13, 2021

Baby Socks, the beloved pet of Greg and Cheryl, passed away at home with her constant companion at her side at 1:10 pm on August 13, 2021 at the age of nineteen. She was beloved by all who knew her, and her family mourns their loss. A biography of Baby Socks’ life will appear here soon.




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  1. Greg & Cheryl, my thoughts go out to you both as you grieve the loss of Baby Socks. Having been a “mom” to many pets over the years, I know what the loss of Baby Socks means to you. May the memory of the unconditional love & loyalty she brought to your family sustain you as you grieve her loss.
    Judy Stanley Hayes


  2. So very sorry to hear that. The more love and happiness that they bring into ones life makes it so much harder when they leave us. They are truly a blessing from God…


  3. Greg, I am so sorry. My deepest sympathy to you and Cheryl. The loss of a beloved pet is so painful. You provided her with an exceptionally loving and comfortable home for so many years. I look forward to reading your biography of Baby Socks.


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