Albin Longren Lands at Alma


This is one of three photos of Albin Longren’s Model AK airplane at Alma, Kansas while he was giving an airshow for a crowd This view, circa 1922 was photographed by Selma Steinmeyer Schultz. Photo Courtesy Keith Schultz.

Aircraft manufacturer Albin Longren, long known for conducting exhibition flights throughout Kansas to finance his aircraft manufacturing venture in Topeka, is seen here in three views with his Model AK aircraft in a field near Alma, Kansas. Longren conducted a flying exhibition at Alma, Kansas in the early 1920s to promote his new Model AK aircraft.


Albin Longren’s model AK aircraft was designed to allow it to be towed behind an automobile when the plane’s wings were folded against the fuselage. Here, the aviator is demonstrating how the plane can be towed to and from the landing field behind a car.

Less than 25 of the Model AK were produced. The Model AK was advertised as every man’s plane, one which could be towed behind a car, filled with fuel at a gas station, and hauled to a field for takeoff. The plane’s wings could be folded against the fuselage, allowing it to be towed in traffic.


Topeka aircraft manufacturer Albin Longren conducted thousands of exhibition flights in the 1910s and 1920s, the proceeds from which he funded is aircraft manufacturing plant in Topeka. In this ultra rare view, Longren’s Model AK is seen airborne. Photo Courtesy Keith Schultz.

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  1. I’m sure you’ve seen Longren’s plane that is on display at the State Historical Society. I always ask the students what is kind of weird about the plane and someone always notices that the propeller is at the back of the plane. I have to explain how it was a push propeller ( which usually doesn’t make sense to them no matter how I explain it.) Dan


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