Photo Friday: Herman Richter

Herman Richter was born in Germany in 1854 and immigrated to America in 1879 with his brother, Reinhold Richter and sister, Mrs. William Schroeder. Richter established a home in Alma and engaged in the cabinet-making profession. As furniture makers of the time usually were, Richter also engaged in the profession of undertaker.  This relationship is one with its origin in the construction of coffins, often done by a woodworker or cabinet maker.


Herman Richter, in doorway, operated this furniture store on the east side of the 300 block of Missouri Street in Alma Kansas in the 1880s. In addition to building furniture, Richter built coffins and was an undertaker in Alma in the late 19th century.

Richter built a furniture store in the 300 block of Missouri Street in Alma located in the section of vacant lots on the east side of the street, today. Richter married Rosa Lugabel in 1881 and the couple had a stone house constructed on a lot behind his store. That stone house still stands today in the Alma City Park. In the middle 1890s Richter retired from his furniture store and his nephew, Louis Schroeder began operating the enterprise.  On February 4th Richter’s building, occupied by Schroeder’s furniture store and Enlow’s restaurant,burned at midday.


Herman Richter stands in front of his home located at Ohio and 4th Streets in Alma, Kansas. This photo dates from about 1890.

Herman and Rosa Richter had eleven children, with seven surviving childhood. The Richters left Alma in 1897, moving to a farm in the Beman community, just east of Alta Vista where they lived the remainder of their lives. Rosa died in 1917 and Herman in 1937.

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