Photo Friday, July 3, 2020: Eskridge City Park Bandstand, 1915

It’s Photo Friday!  I have an interesting photo for you today. Last week I acquired this real photo postcard produced by M. L. Zercher of Topeka, showing the bandstand at the City Park in Eskridge, Kansas.  The card is postmarked August 12, 1915, and it shows the park as it appeared in the mid-1910s, filled with rows of trees.

Bandstand park001 copy

This real photo postcard, created by M. L. Zercher of Topeka, shows the town bandstand located in the Eskridge, Kansas City Park and is postmarked August 12, 1915.

Here’s an interesting note about the bandstand, it was originally located on the northwest corner of the park, and in February of 1913, it was moved to a location near the center of the park. Today’s photo was taken after the bandstand was moved. In addition to moving the structure, the bandstand’s floor was lowered by a foot or more, as the original design and location had rendered the speaker’s platform too high for the crowd to hear the speaker. The new location was the lowest spot in the park, providing a sort of arena seating for spectators.

It is a grat postcard, and an excellent addition to my collection.  I’m pleased to share it with the group, today. As a bonus, I’ve added a second image, an ad from The Eskridge Tribune Star of June 26, 1913, advertising a 4th of July celebration at the Eskridge City Park. Most notably, at the bottom of the ad, it reads, “Bring your revolvers with you, make all the noise you can as this will be the only old time celebration in Wabaunsee County.”  I hope everyone has a great 4th of July at home this year, and leave the revolvers under your pillow.


Advertisemnt from The Eskridge Tribune Star, June 26, 1913.

To see other views of the City Park and the bandstand, visit:

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