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Photo Friday, July 30, 2021: Alma, Kansas Baseball Team

The Alma, Kansas baseball team of 1894, seen here, was owned by Alma businessman, Hal G. Weaver.

Today’s Friday Photo features an Alma, Kansas baseball team owned by Alma businessman, Hal Weaver. This photo, dated 1894, features members of Weaver’s team from the team roster which included Carey Caroll, Willie Hughes, Jobe Gregory, Hugo Brandt, John Craft, F. Sage, Charlie Henderson, Jim Henderson, Frank Mossman, Billie Horne, J. B. Fields, John Auer, Sell Fields, Johnnie Horne, and C. O. Kinnie.

Alma supported more than one professional baseball team.  In addition to Hal Weaver’s team, for many years, notorious bootlegger, Hickory Jones owned and managed an Alma, Kansas baseball team, as well.

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